Marco's Favorite Star ➵ A Collection Of Starco One Shots

Marco's Favorite Star ➵ A Collection Of Starco One Shots

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Iana By IanaThePacifist Completed

"Hey, Marco?"

"What's your favorite star?"


"I'm looking at her."

A collection of one shots, featuring Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, following multiple adventures along the way.

started ; 08.18.15 [ aug. 18, 2015 ]

ended ; 10.24.16 [ oct. 24, 2016 ]

starcoisforever starcoisforever Feb 24, 2016
You should write a full-out Starco story!!! I love your stories! You are really good at it😉
Moonstone2203 Moonstone2203 Jul 11, 2016
Uh Jakie Lin Thomas!
                              JK it's totally Star #Starcoforlife
ATLAfanatic ATLAfanatic Mar 17, 2016
In my opinion, one shots are better because the stories are soooooooooo........ Long
lady_marielle lady_marielle Mar 25, 2016
Shippers are mothers???!! I'm a mother???!!!! *faints*
                              *wakes up again and reads the whole story again*
                              *faints because of Starco*
IanaThePacifist IanaThePacifist Nov 02, 2016
Literally I'm rereading this and cringing at how far we've come
                              From 4 votes to 1k