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Creepypasta x werewolf!reader

Creepypasta x werewolf!reader

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Jay and Jayson By Anime_Twins_10 Updated Dec 23, 2016

Slenderman walk around the forest at night looking to see if the humans are wondering around, But he found none. He was about to go back until we heard a whimpering. Slenderman turn around to see what causing the noise. He suddenly stopped the sight of a human. He would laugh but he didn't.

The human is no ordinary human. She has (h/l),(h/c) hair, and she has wolf ears and a tail that's the same color as her hair. Slenderman bend down one knee to see clearly. She has cuts and Bruises. Her ears twitch and Her tail wrapped around her legs. Slenderman was thinking if he should bring her to the mansion, but his mind said no.

' should I bring her to the mansion?'

' no! what happen if they hate her?'

' she and smile can be friends.'

' No they might kill each other.'

Slenderman stand up and about to walk away, but stop when he was feeling a little guilty.

' Oh who am my kidding.' He thought as he pick up the girl and walk back to the Mansion.


Slenderman put the girl down on...

Omg that the colors i chose  but thier a little bit brownish
I'm getting very tired* get nails boards Hammers and bricks and cement* of building THIS WALL!?
nyasiahyman nyasiahyman 3 days ago
Hmmmm u think rule 4 should be never take candy from LJ because it may be poisoned
II-Night_Sky-II II-Night_Sky-II Oct 10, 2016
Foxy the pirate wolf 
                              Wow Jeff name a freaking WREWOLF foxy wow
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Oct 29, 2016
No I'm timber you can call me Dubstep melody lyric music tune blood moon bloody moon full moon Wolfy creepy blue or just blue I'm a Dubstep angel wolf
....aren't you already crazy? YOU KILL PEOPLE FOR GODS SAKE!