The Protégée

The Protégée

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Historical Fiction #183 {8/8/2014}

Forever alone is impossible if you are a woman. They will grab you, they will take you and for better or for worse, they will transform you from an ordinary girl into a desirable woman - that is the way in which the rules work. 

Serena has nothing left after her parents died. Her aunt and uncle usurped her rightful property. After travelling for miles she has nowhere to go and gets picked up only to be a part of the entertainment house including women who share their various talents. The idea is to take on the platform and to keep the digits rising. If a man takes a liking to a woman then they are able to buy them; for better or for worse.

Serena is the new protégée and the platform is open to her expressive talent but there is the motto, you either rise or you lose.

  • 1800s
  • alone
  • beauty
  • entertainment
  • eric
  • greed
  • love
  • money
  • mystery
  • orphan
  • serena
  • wedding
- - Apr 23, 2016
Love the book so far, though grammar is a major issue. It's understandable however, it's probably just a draft. The vocabulary and imagery is quite spectacular.
DarkestSmiles DarkestSmiles Jun 11, 2014
I so hesitant to read this because the blur sounded so good and most turn out to be really bad but this is absolutely amazing, I was hooked from the first sentence.
-Emilia -Emilia Jun 06, 2014
I'm going to start reading it again just because I love it so much! :)
Liviamay Liviamay Sep 03, 2013
Poor girl. It's a great start though! I'm hoping the person in the carriage will be her savior, she definitely doesn't deserve the misfortune bestowed upon her by her aunt and uncle.
Bright_as_dark Bright_as_dark May 19, 2013
I agree with @EpicRandomness this is very original. I love it, so very good. I found it was a tad (just a tad) bit boring in the begging. But it got better and by the end I want to flip to the next chapter! Great job, voted :D
MoonlitDusk MoonlitDusk May 17, 2013
@EpicRandomness Thank you! I try to make my stories different from the typical story lines on wattpad. That is such a wonderful thing to say, I'm happy that you like it. It keeps me going :D