Secrets in Blood||Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight|| *On Hiatus*

Secrets in Blood||Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight|| *On Hiatus*

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Qualified Huntress By _MidnightRose_ Updated Oct 16, 2016

'I thought Cross Academy would be a safe haven. A place where nothing would happen. Guess I was wrong'

When Ken Kaneki is forced to flee from the life he knows out of fear of a force of power that he, nor any around him, can combat, he finds himself stumbling into the world of Cross Academy and its complex and unique schooling system. He doesn't understand why it's the way it is. But, then again, nobody ever does. 

However, upon meeting day class student Zero Kiryu, he soon realises that this school is keeping secrets. Though he doesn't know what they may be, the young ghoul is determined to find out. Little does he know that they start with the lavender-eyed boy that he comes to hold so dangerously close.

*Thanks PikaGirl260 for the amazing summary! ^^*

© Tokyo Ghoul | Sui Ishida 

© Vampire Knight | Matsuri Hino

© Secrets in Blood | _MidnightRose_

Luvbug3121 Luvbug3121 Aug 14, 2016
LOL!!! This happened to me this year!!! Well, it depends on if her electives are the same as mine.
Luvbug3121 Luvbug3121 Aug 14, 2016
You and I have the same taste in books!!!! I have read it!!!
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 26, 2016
He isn't the only one to think how he became the headmaster.  Even the teacher said so too.
Necrokeres Necrokeres Jul 22, 2016
Don't worry it's way longer then some peoples long chapters 😊
Alli_Pandi Alli_Pandi Dec 16, 2015
I don't know why, but I hope that this will have Zero x Kaneki xD
                              Anyways, this book has caught my interest, will be looking forward to the story!
scrletfyre scrletfyre Sep 02, 2015
Good job kaneki, you pissed off zero just like everyone else in the damn school. At least Yuki is kind enough to help him out. Please update soon