Secrets in Blood||Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight|| *Discontinued*

Secrets in Blood||Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight|| *Discontinued*

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Auto Memoir Doll By _MidnightRose_ Updated Oct 16, 2016

'I thought Cross Academy would be a safe haven. A place where nothing would happen. Guess I was wrong'

When Ken Kaneki is forced to flee from the life he knows out of fear of a force of power that he, nor any around him, can combat, he finds himself stumbling into the world of Cross Academy and its complex and unique schooling system. He doesn't understand why it's the way it is. But, then again, nobody ever does. 

However, upon meeting day class student Zero Kiryu, he soon realises that this school is keeping secrets. Though he doesn't know what they may be, the young ghoul is determined to find out. Little does he know that they start with the lavender-eyed boy that he comes to hold so dangerously close.

*Thanks PikaGirl260 for the amazing summary! ^^*

© Tokyo Ghoul | Sui Ishida 

© Vampire Knight | Matsuri Hino

© Secrets in Blood | _MidnightRose_

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Cypher-LegendDragon Cypher-LegendDragon Apr 28, 2017
Short chapter?! On mobile, this things twenty one pages! That's more than I ever write
Satansoul_666 Satansoul_666 Mar 30, 2017
sinnedramen sinnedramen Apr 23, 2017
Welp, sounds like me alright. The woman in the office at me school KNOW me, like actually KNOW me!! We have pretty decent conversations when I come in late almost every morning 😂😂
Lol once again I’m reading a crossover where I only know one part of the fandom(tg)
Jasper0817 Jasper0817 Jan 11
I do it all the time especially when I get close to an anxiety attack.... but luckily it hasn't happened in a long while. So I think I'm good.😅
animecrazzygirl animecrazzygirl Mar 13, 2017
Just reading the disruption I was fangirling and asking myself 'Does kaneki is gay?'