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insecure • jb

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insecure [in-suh-kyoor] not confident; uncertain and anxious 

a story of how a girl got bullied so bad it drove her to the edge of a cliff. but will she jump?

"cause I am the suicidal freak, who gets panic attack every four seconds." 

"it doesn't matter, i think you're so much more."

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sheshe200 sheshe200 Apr 26
Y Kylie I love you should've picked hailey or Kendall k hate them but it's ur story so I'm just gonna read👌🏾
I literally just got done reading a book with that same last name 😱😂
when the teacher calls on me next to present in front of the class, yes
nanaampofo nanaampofo May 30
Hey can I use what you said about society in my essay for to kill a mocking bird
I love Justin and Kylie but I'll fight them if they treated me like that
Who tf would bully her? Boys at my school will literally lick the floor she walks in