Assassins Pride

Assassins Pride

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The Lil Demons By The_Lil_Demons Updated Sep 17, 2015

Coda has had a long life. 
Her parents hated her knowing there was a demonic presence lurking inside of her head.
So they thought they could solve it by abusing her. Hurting her till she couldn't walk or breath.

One day her parents held her down and raked blades over the skin above and below her eyes giving her those scars. (On the cover).

And that was enough. She ran away when she was ten and found a man who taught her to be the worlds greatest assassin.

Ten years later she came home to see her parents have replaced her and had another child that they loved and didn't abuse.

It infuriated her so she simply killed them all, enjoying the screams of them when she tortured them.

Still she wanders around killing random targets. Easy enough she finds others that are supernatural beings like her.

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Jinx1824 Jinx1824 Jun 16, 2017
This book is amazing but it kinds sucks she killed the kid 😞😞
- - Nov 04, 2017
Okay so I'm in love with this book, its books like these that make my life
GuiltyOfSleepingIn GuiltyOfSleepingIn Jan 08, 2017
I understand why she killed the parents but the kid was innocent
                              It would've been cool if she took him and raised him or something???
                              But hey, character development!
                              Awesome so far, btw