Reflection: The Sequel

Reflection: The Sequel

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dangerous pu$$y By arianagrandefandom Updated Apr 21, 2016

The life of loving two women doesn't get much easier. Especially when those women are known as 'Camren' around the world. Will you get people to accept your relationship or will you let it slide by?


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No dafuq. Thats disgusting. Like bitch im classy i dont do that kinda stuff.
                              I read smut.
Yes, please, let the entire plane know, that I GOT OFF TO PORN INSTEAD OF MY GIRLFRIEDS
No I wasn't what are u talking about *throws iPad off of plane*
LorenaDominguez2 LorenaDominguez2 Aug 30, 2016
I d know why I feel like sometimes lauren would want more me than camila is just I see her a lil off from her idk Is what I've been feeling
LorenaDominguez2 LorenaDominguez2 Aug 30, 2016
What?.. I would never... I'm not that dumb, i always make sure not to leave any hints behind😂
JoeyGraceffasBeard JoeyGraceffasBeard Mar 22, 2016
Lmao my parents would be like wtf but just say okay and walk away