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; the one where Michael has to go teach the prisoners lessons, and Luke claims him his.

                              sorry I hate when people correct & I usually don't but your/you're is my pet peeve
Why am I imagining this is gonna be like Orange Is The New Black?
Dean with Sam when Lucifer was all up close and personal with him (don't ship them romantically)
OdeToPepe OdeToPepe Feb 21
Wearing a blue skirt as a male going to teach lessons to prisoners?  You might as well do a twirl and sing a Celine Dion song,  replacing every line with "I want the D inside of me"
wtf is this a scary movie luke just take him and f*ck him in the bathroom god
boy shut up and watch michael 😒 kids these days they'll say anything to get in Michaels boxers