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Rapture ▹ TVD / TW

Rapture ▹ TVD / TW

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— LINDSAY. By methodicaI Updated May 29

The Originals were a feared yet famed family by anyone who knew of their existence. Through the years the numbers had slowly dwindled, and finally, it came down to three; Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekah. Elijah and Niklaus were the closest of the three siblings, due to Rebekah's desire to be free on her own and to be human. Neither brother shared these desires with their younger sister, and while Elijah understood, Niklaus did not. For years, the three had been separated, yet dangerous on their own. Having the Original Family all together in one place was like a war waiting to happen, and whoever was on the other side was bound to lose.
  The other side, in this case, was the werewolves of Beacon Hills, and their companions. To make matters worse, they were oblivious to the threat they should've been worrying about. Even the hunters were in trouble they were oblivious to, many hunters didn't know of the existence of vampires, let alone the original vampires.
  Unknown to her brothers, Rebekah had met a few of these pack members, and become close to them. She kept their secret from the others, but all secrets manage to find a way to be revealed, and Beacon Hills would become complete hell.  
                          [ ongoing ]
                          teen wolf(seasons 1-3)/the vampire diaries
                          methodicaI © 2016

whisperofthestars whisperofthestars Feb 29, 2016
I read the original and I like this one better even though the original was fantastic! I'm so excited to read more. It was wonderfully written and left me excited to read more :)
- - Feb 29, 2016
Are you gonna have Hayley being pregnant or someone else to be paired with Elijah?
Rosely_B Rosely_B Feb 28, 2016
Is Bekah gonna like be in love with Derek like the last time
- - Feb 29, 2016
So freaking awesome! So your gonna have Klaus and Elijah too? I'm super excited now! Update soon!
achillcs achillcs Oct 22, 2015
if rebekah says 'bloody' a lot too i'm gonna be so whipped this is great
heelroman heelroman Sep 06, 2015
yass i love rebekah , does she have the accent in this book? and say love alot ❤