teach me ✿❀ luke

teach me ✿❀ luke

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mare By seekercalum Updated Dec 30, 2016

❝he's an asshole and he treats girls like objects. he deserves this. all you have to do is get him wrapped around your finger, and then just let go.❞

❝I can't flirt with guys and lead them on like you can. if you want this to work, you'll have to teach me.❞


he is a senior fuckboy who everyone adores and gets everything he wants, both in the bedroom and in life. he is a sexist and socially unaware. 

she is an insecure nerd who is best friends with his twin brother and just wants someone to love her despite her size. she is vehement and vastly determined.

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fmlhemmo fmlhemmo Nov 27, 2016
ok but the last paragraph at the end made me emotional omg wth
granatoalyssa granatoalyssa Jun 28, 2016
my best friend is blessed with bomb-ass writing skills and I'm v v proud and hooked already
thenadir thenadir Jul 18, 2016
i hate you mare. "jem had will". are you kidding me? why you would hurt me like this with TID.