The Cultivated Girl

The Cultivated Girl

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A Wattpad Featured Novel. "For all you know there could be a shadowy Goddess cult ruling the world with us all just tiny cogs in its system... things are changing, can't you sense it?"

Daughter to a diplomat or not, Simone is just your average, bored teenager. Until she wakes up in a parallel world, sworn to a goddess she didn't know existed. 

To escape the convent, Simone has to learn to fight, cast magic and of all things, cook with four female creatures from very different worlds.

Just who is Simone's mother and where does her loyalty lie? Before long Simone has to decide where she belongs. Will she embrace her destiny and stay at Sanctuary even if the price is murder? The fate of the world and Simone's soul, lies in the balance.

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alittlebitbonkers alittlebitbonkers Jul 03, 2017
That's such a kind way to put it.  I usually either threaten dismemberment or that I'll call my lawyer.
alittlebitbonkers alittlebitbonkers Jul 03, 2017
(*Sees cats in media and summons inner Emperor [from Star Wars].*)  Yes, yes.  Good, good.
KarmaGhostly KarmaGhostly Apr 18, 2016
This sounds like the storm in Kansas with Dorothy and Toto.....
julescrew123 julescrew123 Mar 22, 2016
Read my book on wattpad please I worked really hard on those
-KaylaWinchester -KaylaWinchester Apr 09, 2016
So first things first, your cover is beautiful. And second, I feel your summary is a little disjointed. The quote is a great opener, but the next three paragraphs feel like the only connection they have to each other is the main character. They just don't flow well together.
indyjohn indyjohn Mar 28, 2016
Clever, non-conventional means to get description worked in: through the eyes of a cat!