The Phantom Writer || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction ||

The Phantom Writer || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction ||

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Ajla By The_Phantom_Writer Completed

There is no love for those who live in masks..

She the genius behind a gossip newspaper column, a thief, a liar - but most importantly, a chorus girl in the Opera Populaire. 
He is a ghostly criminal - chasing after one girl. They don't know his name or who he is but they fear his face. 
Neither of them are prepared to fall in love, after all, their lives are made up tales and porcelain masks...

But when the Phantom finds out that she is this mysterious Phantom Writer, will they find they have more in common then is seems? Will AnnElaine Peters be able to keep her secrets, even when she's falling for the Phantom of The Opera? And will he save her when Demetri, a nightmare from her past, comes for her again?

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  • 1870
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  • demetri
  • depression
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  • giry
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But unfortunately hews undoubtedly in love with your best friend😂💔
frerardandly frerardandly Nov 09, 2017
Me i would do that just so i could feak out my friends on a bad day by throwing money on them
BusyBeingTrash BusyBeingTrash Nov 19, 2017
Am I the only one who thought of "It's Fop. Finest in the shop" from Sweeney Todd?
klever_kim klever_kim Mar 26, 2017
The story is good just the punctuation could use a little work. Mainly the commas, that's the problem.
Thrushmelody Thrushmelody Aug 29, 2017
Didn't we all?........
                              Erik: hm?
                              Damn you, Erik! Why do you always pop up at the worst time possible?
                              Erik: 😢
                              No, don't do that!
Thrushmelody Thrushmelody Aug 29, 2017
Of the Op-
                              Someone beat me to it. Erik!
                              Erik: what now?!
                              Someone beat me to it!
                              Erik: *looks up at the comment above* so what?