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Ash By justme_45 Completed

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( What some readers are saying about Avery....

"I can already tell this is going to be a great book" @myathesmart

"Ooh, love the mystery." @Yoojin_Kim

"Definitely interesting." @Young006

"HOLY SH*T!! KAYDEN/ADEN IS HAWT!! LOVE YOUR TASTE LADY AUTHOR!!!" "BEST. STORY. EVERR!!! Gotta hand it to you, If I were a judge in the werewolf section, I'd put ya 1st" @AleckIsALlama

"It gets more interesting by the chapter."@Xapri714

The lost of my father caused an empathic power to unlock within me. I thought I was going crazy from not only the  death of my father but also the over load of emotions and spent two years in a mental health hospital. 

 I could feel everything, from everyone in the hospital. Add my own emotions on top of that it became a disaster. It wasn't a good time. I learned to block out others but in the process I locked out my own emotions.   I became this cold thing.  I thought it was perfect. Never needing to feel a thing. Well emotionally anyways. And being crazy didn't seem so bad. A crazy cold thing. I could live with that.

Then my Uncle came and got custody of me. I learned  a few thing in 
those first weeks with him. I'm not crazy. I'm an empath.  
I have more family than I knew of. I have two life mates.  I'm possibly an empath able to form a bond to a wolf in the rage. I'm also the first of my kind.
And here I thought I was the crazy one.

For all the previous I really don't mean to be rude, I don't know if I've said that yet.
WreKer20 WreKer20 Apr 02
pent* up
                              outburst* -> is one word
                              that one's* -> abbreviation of one is
WreKer20 WreKer20 Apr 02
the last orderly should be plural -> orderlies.
                              anywhere* -> is one word, just like nowhere.
WreKer20 WreKer20 Apr 02
like crap*
                              Although, looking like a fish is possible aswell ;-)
*have (not trying to be rude, just trying to make the editing process a little easier) also, really nice story so far :)