My Over Protective Brothers. | #Wattys 2016.

My Over Protective Brothers. | #Wattys 2016.

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M By mayamoox Completed

Aspen Anderson has eight over protective brothers. She falls for a bad boy ignoring her brothers warnings after an event that ruined Aspen. She deals with many problems panic attack and anger issues are just a few of them. With the help of her bestfriend Sawyer, her twin brother, her other brothers and the bad boy. Aspen's life is a journey.

Cover Made By: -minimalist.

Highest Rank - #186 in Teen Fiction - 02/02/16
 #211 in Teen Fiction.
#233 in Teen Fiction.
 #259 in Teen Fiction.
#293 in Teen Fiction.
#361 in Teen Fiction.

asppeenn asppeenn Feb 10
I found a book finally with my name !!!!!!!!! So excited haha
I thought i said Paul Weasley and I'm like "he's not a Weasley"
Red_Girl02 Red_Girl02 Jul 19
Barbara and Cara, again? 
                              Check out 'My BadBoy Neighbor' 
                              It has Barbara as the main character, and Cara as her best friend too...
Why, oh why would anyone name their kid Candy? They must be mental!
I've read a few of your stories and I am totally in love with them! You are a brilliant writer! Please Please Please keep writing and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your next book!
Lilyb13574 Lilyb13574 Nov 08
omg you know she was the antagonist in the book when it read "fake blonde hair"