I kissed a nerd And I liked it...

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Mégane By PrettyLittleWriterXD Updated 2 years ago
This is a story of your typical nerd with not so typical friends. He has Mitchel (the homo friend) and damian ( the nitwit) and Mini me (as the name suggests... a midget) and with this goup of people he is tring to win over the heart of the most popular girl at school. But alot gets in the way...
                                    I really like your story and the concept!
                                    There's a few mistakes here and there but you should go to www.paperrater.com to fix it. That's where I fix mine. 
                                    If you want, could you please check out my story http://www.wattpad.com/story/1850975-lying-to-keep-your-love-one-direction.
Wow. this is really really good! ^^ I really like your writing skills. Poor Cameron though. :/ can I ask you to check out my story "Good Girl Gone Bad" if you have the time? Anyway, onto the next chapter I gooo ^^
This is really great so far :D I voted, I hope you upload soon, I can't wait to read more of it!
                                     I was a little confused when the scene suddenly changed but otherwise I'd love to see some more :)