Bad Girl vs The Gang Leader

Bad Girl vs The Gang Leader

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chxrlie By CharlottePotts4 Updated Jan 04, 2016

Alex Holton, you would expect by the name that's it's a boy. Right? Wrong answer... Alex is a girl but, it just keeps getting better. She's a BAD GIRL.  Everyone and I mean everyone is afraid of her except her friends. Which are all boys except Tess, of course. Alex is a brunet, with blue eyes who catches all the boys attention.  

Now throw in Xhavier Morgan, the schools charmer, popular, player and an incredibly sexy HOT guy. He's also the schools BAD BOY!! Let's not forget he is the leader of a gang!! He also enjoys all the girls' attention, new girl every week he also has almost all the girls swooning over him, But not Alex! 


Alex and Xhavier has never actually met considering there're the schools 'BAD' people?  All they know about each other they are bad and have a VERY dark past. But what happened when they bump into each other in the hallways? Now that's a must see by all the students! 

They're relationship is all a HATE relationship right? With all the lies rumours about each other? Will they finally get to know if they are true? Well I guess you're just Going to have to read on to find out!!

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kiwirocker kiwirocker Mar 27, 2017
They're is a conjunction for they are so to be grammatically correct it would be their
Bruh, can people please stop correcting! It's really starting to piss me off.
Foxy_Star_Writes Foxy_Star_Writes Jun 29, 2017
People here are talking about her eye color and grammar I'm just crying about the forth wall. Like where is it... it has been shattered. 
                              Ok I'm gonna shut up now and continue reading.
FloraDesire FloraDesire Mar 20, 2016
Interesting story plot but slow update. keep it up man. you are loosing readers.
DawnisB DawnisB Oct 11, 2016
That was the first song that I ever heard from her and I have loved it ever since lol
BookAddict_4_Now BookAddict_4_Now Feb 21, 2017
It kinda disturbs me when people mix up no and know, but the story looks cool so I'm looking forward to reading the rest.