Kidnapped by the bad boy

Kidnapped by the bad boy

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Neverland By shine_with_shadows Updated Mar 08, 2016

"So what now"
"What do you mean so what now, you just got kidnapped and your asking me what now. What type of girl are you?" 

Katie Moore was your normal average teenager. There was nothing special about her .... She was just herself. She had crazy friends and average grades. She had a normal life which was perfect for her. 

Then you meet Kai peters. Your everyday bad boy. The guy nobody wants to talk to or get near but girls still go crazy for because of his crazy good looks. But Kai peters keeps to himself and doesn't bother returning any of the attention he gets unless it's one night stands of course. 

But when Katie decides to go on jog near the Woodbridge forest and sees Kai doing something he shouldn't ... Kai has no choice but to take Katie with him. So what happens when you put crazy  Katie and badass Kai together? Trouble? Maybe even some fun?

  • badboy
  • humor
  • kidnap
  • romance
  • sassy
I’m literally at school from 7:15 in the morning to 7:15 at night...
K9keeper K9keeper Oct 12, 2017
Other than a few grammar and spelling errors, it’s great!!! I like the intro, can’t wait to see what you do with it! ❤️
oh_no_you_deant oh_no_you_deant Feb 26, 2016
If I was Katie: Awww... you stop itttt.... Aw shucks.....*flails arms*
iweird2015 iweird2015 Feb 14, 2016
u just described me i have brown and green hazel eyes and my hair is always straighten
yeodreamies yeodreamies Feb 11, 2016
I would've pushed him away.. Thus, we both wouldn't have gotten punched.
xjiji77x xjiji77x Mar 18, 2016
I admire her for protecting her brother but that..must really hurt.