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(Nalu&End) The other me

(Nalu&End) The other me

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igloopenguin By igloopenguin Updated Jun 12, 2016

Lucy Heartfilia is currently a mage at magnolia's only magical guild fairy tail along with her best friend Natsu Dragneel and happy. They always went on mission's together and had a blast but one day Natsu left to take a solo mission without letting Lucy or happy know, when he finally gets back from the mission he is like a completely changed person. He is always playing pranks that end up going to far and seems to be very attracted to Lucy sometimes even ends up leaving happy out of everything but to top it off he's got a dark secret and even though Everything about him looks the same on the outside  little do they know what really happened or what's actually going on with him. Will they find out the truth in time? or will the Natsu that everyone knows and loves be lost forever.

BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Feb 15, 2016
I love the picture! I can tell it's hand made and I wish I could draw like that!!! :D
                              I didn't even read it yet and I'm in love
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Feb 15, 2016
I just screamed at the Nalu moments and omg my brother came in asking if something was wrong...
                              CURSE YOU INNER FANGIRL!!!
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Feb 15, 2016
LoneMisery LoneMisery 15 hours ago
Hold up... 
                              Vanilla milkshake
                              Isn't it normally strawberry milkshake?
BeenSlayin BeenSlayin Feb 16, 2016
You need to put quotation marks and paragraphs... im sorry but that isnt readable
igloopenguin igloopenguin Nov 15, 2015
I'm sorry for that, in the later chapters they should be easier to read then these since I have " before and after their finished speaking