Off to Neverland

Off to Neverland

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Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them together, and the results could be disastrous.

Neverland Academy is an intimidating private school for wealthy teens only. This is the last place Ivy wants to go to school, but it’s either a snooty school with snobby kids or a military school with a bunch of troublemakers. Ivy is lucky enough to go to the school on a scholarship, but that doesn’t mean that she or the other students are happy about it. 

With her almost fearless outer persona, her true fragile personality hidden, she catches The Lost Boys’ attentions right away, and she isn’t sure if that’s a good thing. She's about to find out how tough she really isn't.

  • academy
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  • jealous
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Someone made fun of my family once, got into my first school fight that day in 8th grade, right on the bus too, but since she hit me first, I made good grades, and had never got in trouble they just gave me a warning, she got kicked out for a week
MManjushage MManjushage Oct 01
I get mistaken as cold hearted from all lot of people including my family but I love to cry over sappy movies and squeal over puppies and kittens. Yeah cuz I'm totally cold hearted lol
_sundown_ _sundown_ Nov 19
Oh and story time!! So I'm relatively new at my school and in the past month we've had three fights all at lunch. The first one was all yelling and stuff then the second and thirsty actually got physical. And its like everyone got that confidence just cause of the first fight. So yeah. School's good
What does rich even look like?  I mean you can dress nice even if you're not rich
_sundown_ _sundown_ Nov 18
Why is it always four guys?? Not that I mind...I love books like these
A boy over flower or hana yori dango fanfic ..... I might sound mean because I haven't read it yet and I'm judging already BUT I think you should have given the manga author credit. .....