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Liz Charnes By LizCharnes Updated May 02

  Newlywed mob wife Siobhan Cosetino is bored.  Marriage is hard.
  It's made harder because her husband is Alexander Cosetino, the Consigliere - counselor - for the powerful Cosetino crime family.  Ever since returning from their honeymoon Alex has her on lockdown. He swears it's for her own protection, but why does it feel like she needs protection from him?
  In times like this, a girl needs to keep secrets. Like telling her husband she quit her flight attendant job when she really hadn't. He gets so upset about the little things.
  But when crew scheduling calls to assign Siobhan a trip, she's got a problem. Forced to decide between doing what she's told and doing what she wants, she decides to do what she wants. Carpe diem and all that.
  Getting to J.F.K. International Airport from Manhattan is hard enough without adding a control freak mob boss husband into the mix. Then when she gets there she learns that she's been reassigned to work the redeye flight to Dubai, U.A.E.  
  That's when things start getting hinky.  Like how Declan Cahill, leader of the Irish Westside gang the 49ers, happens to be on board and acting real chummy with a known Chechen warlord. Mix this in with the fact that Maksimilian Constantinov, head of the Russian Bratva Constantinov crime family, is travelling in first class. There's a history there.  A bad one.
  Coincidence? Not likely. Whatever is going down, Siobhan is going to either stop it, or die trying. Fortune favors the brave. 
  Fasten your seatbelts, everyone. It's about to get all turbulent up in here.
  RedEye is the third book in the FlyGirl series. 
  The FlyGirl Series:
  The Summer Associate
  Mrs. Cosetino
  Cover design by Liz Charnes.

WillismyHerondale WillismyHerondale Nov 18, 2016
Early 30's??? Wow so he's only a few years younger than Alex. And she was still like 19. Isn't that a huge age difference?? And Donnelly was berating Siobhan about marrying someone twice her age when he's pretty close ahaha irony
- - May 30, 2016
Damn, such a cast. This deserves a round of applause 👏 can't wait to read
abnormalise abnormalise Feb 27, 2016
                              to kill Donny because I'm not longer a fan
abnormalise abnormalise Feb 27, 2016
I ship these two 
                              The younger and older guy 
                              They'd be the cutest ever
TheHeraEra TheHeraEra May 15, 2016
Whoa, that's a lot of people! Hopefully knowing all of then isn't too important, because I've already forgotten a few. 😁
LizCharnes LizCharnes Jul 19, 2016
@IReadWattYouWatt Yeah, I got to clean this thing up. 1840s. Let's go with that. Thanks for letting me know.