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Really Horrible Body Facts

Really Horrible Body Facts

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Jishwa Duneph By HouseOfMessageMen Updated Nov 04, 2016

Facts about your body, that are pretty horrible. 

Did you know, everybody has an unique smell. Except a pair of identical twins, who have the exact same smell.

CeramicSky CeramicSky Mar 13
Sounds like you got these off Horrible History or something (the body equivalent of that - I forget what it's called). Is there any gorier ones you can find? (Does that sound weird??)
FoxWriting16 FoxWriting16 Oct 03, 2016
True fact: Most people get outie's when the doctor pulls and cuts the umbilical cord wrong. Innie's are when the doctor cuts and pulls correctly.
extrahoney extrahoney Mar 04
'Outies' can also be the result of hernias. Hernias are usually harmless, unless painful.
ItIsAlwaysTrue ItIsAlwaysTrue Oct 13, 2016
I'm very new to this app, forgive me is I offered assistance on a minor mistake the wrong way. So, correct me if I m wrong.
extrahoney extrahoney Mar 04
Actually, our bodies secrete a layer of grease- also the common factor in pimples and acne. When our sweat, which as you said is water (which is correct),  is secreted and mixes with this grease and the bacteria on our skin, it forms a foul smelling odor. B.O is often smelt immediately.