Dallas Winston

Dallas Winston

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My name's Bethany Curtis, Beth for short. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma with my three brothers Darrel, Sodapop and Ponyboy. Darry's 20, Ponboy's 14, and Soda and I are 16, but he's two minutes older than me and never let's me live it down. 

Sodapop, Steve and I were all walking home from the DX since Steve's car got impounded for reckless driving last week. It was a warm summer evening, and the sun was just beginning to set. I knew Pony would find this to be just beautiful. As we walked, I became lost in though and before I knew it, we were standing in front of the house. As we walked in, I saw Two-Bit sitting in front of the tv watching Mickey Mouse and stuffing his face full of chips. 

"Darry we're home!" Yelled Soda as we walked in. 

"Hey Bethie. How was work today?" Asked Two-Bit. 

"Thought I told ya not to stop calling me that Keith," I replied, walking to the room I share with Soda. I decided I'd better change outta my work clothes before the rest of the gang showed up. I walked b...

Pfft now all I can see is Dally tryna make eggs and burning it like "no it's not burnt they're supposed to be that color" "eggs are definitely nOT YELLOW TWO-BIT"
                              Beth: no, Soda, it's ok, real - 
                              irl Sodapop: SSHHhhhhhh. u need not worry my smol bean. i will keep u safe
"ok good i was afraid u was too messed up for a blow job but u good lets go"
any idea Two-Bit approves of is a bad idea u should abort immediately before shít goes down the drain
u gotta be more specific. there's so many shades of different. like is he angry, is he revolted, is he thinking u bootylicious girl i don't know
oh shít they know each other
                              they got history
                              Dally u better watch it she know this Soc how we don't know 
                              READ TO FIND OUT O_o