Sex Lessons ; D.T

Sex Lessons ; D.T

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Imagines By MurderAnimeYandere Updated Dec 24, 2016

Jaelyn was just a normal teenager girl hwo was always hanging out with her brothers and bestfriends Ethan and Grayson.It was just a normal school day untill people started talking obout sex and boyfriends.She didnt even know obout that because she never had sex or a boyfriend befour.But her bestfriends Ethan and Grayson desided to teach her...Sex Lessons...But then something horibble happened that broke Jaelyn's heart and will she continue with the Sex Lessons?


want to find out what's next?
well read the story and i hope you enjoy it :)



dont_care0234 dont_care0234 Oct 30, 2016
Wow that's how people say hi to there friends now in days. Oh my God how did I not know this already
simran_omar simran_omar Dec 29, 2016
Everything's so mushed together and there's so many mistakes and it all so mixed?!
XIrishflowercrownX XIrishflowercrownX Sep 15, 2016
I thought of "I don't want to ravioli Nigga" straight away 😂😂
GurlThatsLunarStella GurlThatsLunarStella Oct 05, 2016
Literally my days at hell. Except with out Ethan and Grayson.😞
@kians_bae hmm sound familiar? Is this a copy of ur book with slight changes? Maybe...