"I can't believe you're the new cheerleading captain, Haley," Kelsey, my best friend said to me as we were changing in the girl's locker room.

"I know." I pulled my shirt over my head when I suddenly heard screaming. The girls were saying "Get out." but to who? I walked over to where the commotion was at and there I saw Joe , the biggest player at Northbrook High. The bell rang and Kelsey and I left the locker room and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. After we had our food, we walked over to our usual table but there sitting was Joe.

"Hey Joe, nice stunt today," Kelsey said to him.

"Thanks," he said. "But I didn't get to see any of you naked so I didn't accomplish my goal."

Kelsey chuckled but I just sat there. I didn't really like Joe, even though all of my friends were in love with him, I wasn't.

"Kelsey, I have to show you something. Come with me for a second," Joe stood up from the table and walked to Kelsey. She stood up.

"Okay. I'll see you later Haley," she said....

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OversizedDevel OversizedDevel Apr 04, 2017
It's not like they were dating...and I agree with dude above it's going too fast
babykins babykins Jul 27, 2011
i love it!
                              i want more! lucky me there are more chapters already! hah
selenoxphile selenoxphile Dec 25, 2010
okay, so you asked me to read it and to be honest, I've already read it all and i love it! lol! I just never commented!!