Forget me

Forget me

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One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true... 

It's been a few years after the great shinobi war and there's finally some peace in the world. But peace is only an illusion, a calm before the storm.

Temari was send to Konoha to attend some business but instead she got sent on a mission to fill someone else's selfish void. 

What happens when that mission goes horribly wrong? 

What will happen when the world's peace start crumbling apart, leaving only heartbreak and pain in its wake?


(I do not own any of the Naruto characters :P Mashimoto owns them)

SofTof SofTof Jul 14
I was expecting a "Too lazy for that" in response of Shikamaru 😂
Breenie731 Breenie731 Jun 22
Loving that line I will use that in the future 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
HOW?! I mean she always carries her fan around ive never seen her without it
11Ava11 11Ava11 Jul 19
I've seen her without her fan, but that was literally like one time 😂
No worries there Ms. Author-chan, this is totally awesome ya know
Breenie731 Breenie731 Jun 22