Forget me

Forget me

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11Ava11 By 11Ava11 Updated Jan 12

One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true... 

It's been a few years after the great shinobi war and there's finally some peace in the world. But peace is only an illusion, a calm before the storm.

Temari was send to Konoha to attend some business but instead she got sent on a mission to fill someone else's selfish void. 

What happens when that mission goes horribly wrong? 

What will happen when the world's peace start crumbling apart, leaving only heartbreak and pain in its wake?


(I do not own any of the Naruto characters :P Mashimoto owns them)

He has friggin' Byakugan there is no way you can hide from Neji! 😂
14wolfgirl14 14wolfgirl14 Jul 16, 2016
If I was Hokage I would use it to get people together on missions
11Ava11 11Ava11 Sep 13, 2015
Will do ! and you'll just have to wait and read how it all plays out :D I'm not giving any hints of what's gonna happen :P
makichoco_17 makichoco_17 Sep 13, 2015
Lol!! True!! The best author!! Anyways, I love your story so far, please update soon!!
az38389 az38389 Sep 13, 2015
great author indeed ! but please i am afraid of a sad ending please don't!i beg you!