First And Only [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

First And Only [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

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Her whole life, she's learned to be happy, cheery and bubbly. That's what she loves to do the most. Everything that requires smiling, laughing or just having fun is on her list. 

His whole life, he's shut almost everybody out, annoyed by their presence and the fact that they're breathing the same air as him. Whatever requires being alone, he's up for it. 

They're polar opposites, yet, it seems like fate keeps crossing. Letting fate decide may be a good thing, but you'll never know when it might backfire.

Is it a first and only?

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Lovely cover by @xxfckai88 :)

Roni_A Roni_A Jul 25
so, is this a story about childhood friends or something?? thats cute~ i'll read on still
limegirl43 limegirl43 May 03
Don't shub it in our faces that your friends alright ALRIGHT!! *wishes I were Hoshi's best friend*
damn.. should have read the comments later at night at 10:10pm.. 😔😔
Roni_A Roni_A Jul 25
whatever makes you happy... eventually you'll meet another guy who'll like you back if things dont go well with hoshi.
Eonnie~ I've been living in an island and don't get any signal, and because I was bored I read this book... SO, I'll bombing u with vote... thank you~
Me too... It's actually not that bad. You'll get over it eventually.