Levi Ackerman X Reader (One-Shots)

Levi Ackerman X Reader (One-Shots)

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PIA L.s By LadyAckerman_Otaku Updated Apr 15, 2017

Levi Ackerman X Reader One shots

Humanities Strongest Soldier, 
With his handsomeness that makes him even HOTTER, 
A clean freak you would never had,
Like perfect husband with such a fucking bad-ass!

Written By : @LadyOtaku_Levi08

MiyukiTori MiyukiTori May 06, 2017
Geez Levi, if you wanted to close enough will riding in the car with me, all you had to do was ask😏😘
                              I mean ya didn't have to destroy my car but I guess it was necessary for you😏
MiyukiTori MiyukiTori May 06, 2017
I could stare into them all day and when he finally gets mad at me, I'll make him blush by saying:
                              Me: Levi do you know what I look forward to see in the morning
                              Levi: No,Why?😑
                               Me: I just want you to know that I get up everyday just to see your mesmerizing eyes😁
                              Levi: What the-////-
Devilslittlegirl318 Devilslittlegirl318 Jul 07, 2017
Erwin I will wind up your Eyebrows to where you fly off like a helicopter because of it
KarmaTheSadist KarmaTheSadist Nov 27, 2017
I need to add one more thing
                              - Gets turned on by a bottle of Windex
                              Sorry, I'll leave now
- - Jan 25, 2017
Lelelelleleel this is too cool!!!! Woah!!ahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahah 😂
SoraTheFangirl SoraTheFangirl Feb 18, 2017