Younglife ✧ MCCANN

Younglife ✧ MCCANN

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wilkside By wilkside Updated Nov 05

in which a a psychopath becomes overly infatuated with his camp leader

* mature content*

Younglife is for everyone who wants to get the most out of life. Whether you are in high school or college; whatever your interests or abilities; no matter who you hang out with - Younglife welcomes you to CAMP CASTAWAY.
Younglife is supposed to be the 'Best Week Of Your Life' But turns out to be the complete opposite for Gabriella.

GURL you and I both know damn well help gone be here in 46 hours
Sorry? Tf? She'll be better off trying to whoop his asss herself lmao they are taking too long
This is going to be the greatest story I've ever read, probably after The Boy Next Door, but still it starts out with action and I love when movies or books do that. I love it:).
So can Halley Berry be me operation person since she was in that movie she the best cop ever