Just Another Girl Group (A BTS & GOT7 Fan Fiction)

Just Another Girl Group (A BTS & GOT7 Fan Fiction)

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"Just another girl group? Well, that was the first impression on us. The thought that we were just
another girl group that will do the same old concepts as the girl groups that are existing now. And the thought that we aren't from one of the most popular companies makes you look down on us. Well, we'll prove you wrong and make sure to make your mind blown."

-D' Star Catchers

"You may think that they're just another girl group, but we promise you; they're more than what we
expected and I'm sure you'll agree with us, once you get to know them."

-Leader Namjoon

"From the first time I saw them perform before they debuted, I already knew that they're far from the description "Just Another Girl Group".

-Leader Jaebum

I have never heard the boys by snsd I dont really listen to snsd
NCT17_4K NCT17_4K May 13
WOAHHH!! IM PILIPINO!! YASSS!! Oh sorry for my wierdness😁 YASSSS
I love both of those songs I listen to them all the time!!! :)
ItsKazami ItsKazami Jul 13
😂😂😂👌 I can imagine that parent Pilipino accent 😂😂😂 Pinoy Ako btw 💓
RoseWaters- RoseWaters- Jun 14
At first I thought it said Ate as in I ate something. Then I realized that their Filipino so ate as in big sister