Dirty Little Secret (Larry Stylinson)

Dirty Little Secret (Larry Stylinson)

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(Harry's POV)
"Styles, time to get up!" I flinch as I hear one of the guards bangs on my cell. Jesus, I cannot wait to get out of this hell hole. 
I run a frustrated hand through my hair as I get up, going over to the filthy excuse they call a mirror. 
I stare back at myself in disgust, my green eyes look as dark as the bags under them. My curls locks are a greasy mess. I need to shave, I'm starting to grow a little stubble. After examining myself, I splash a bit of water onto my face to help me wake up a little. 
"Let's go Styles, it's time for breakfast." The same guard says to me as he unlocks the cell door. 
After he releases me, I make my way down to the cafeteria. As I make my way through the doors I feel someone knock into my shoulder. "Hey, watch where your going cockface."I say towards the person who knocked into me.

"What did you say to me fag?" Says the inmate, I notice that he's a little taller than I am. But, not much stronger lo...

amanda_1992 amanda_1992 Jun 24
Omg harry is me at hot topic he chose the band's I love except for fall out boy I don't like them at all
My emo soul is cackling in complete bliss at the sound of all these bands.
Me and my cousin vowed to live in Hot Topic one day. That is going to be our new home.
I was just thinking "um where's one direction.." then I realized it didn't exist here and I'm ;')
- - Nov 23, 2015
Sh*t load of money,hot topic shirts are like 21 dollars each