His Cheshire Smile ☞ Ryden AU

His Cheshire Smile ☞ Ryden AU

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There was this one kid that stood out the most in Brendon Urie's life. And that was Ryan Ross. 

He was the kid that got made fun of because he never took the bandana off. And got really pissed when someone tried to take it off. 

So you'd imagine how he'd react when he bumped shoulders with Brendon in the hall only to realize that the bandana came undone...

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  • cheshire
  • jerk
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ShadowunterOfArtemis ShadowunterOfArtemis Dec 02, 2017
Spencer you may be my smol son but I want to murder you at the moment
blood_parade blood_parade Oct 23, 2017
My elementary school had 900 my middle school has like more than 1500
Everybody’s like just a few hundred? And I’m like, there’s only 80 people in my whole school age ranging from 6-20 few hundred is a bit much. Yes I am aware my school is v small
TheTrashcanOfLife TheTrashcanOfLife Dec 25, 2017
Just imagine that for a sec that be  so frick frackin adorable
TheTrashcanOfLife TheTrashcanOfLife Dec 25, 2017
Just go up to them and say I like your face cuz I like your face
smol_emo_bean smol_emo_bean Dec 20, 2017
i just snorted while trying to imaging ryan beating anyone up, he literally has noodles for limbs