Learning to be the Luna

Learning to be the Luna

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"Shall we continue where we were earlier?" Blake asks. He kisses down my neck and I moan in pure bliss. "I have a little preposition for you" Blake whispers into my ear.

I look up at him expecting him to continue. "If you kiss me first, then you have to stay here and be my Luna." I chuckle at his statement and counter, "Alright, but if you kiss me first, then I can make my own decision."

"Oh so that's how you wanna play it kitten?" I hear Blake say, "well then game on."

Game on Mr. Alpha.

This story has some mature content and language.

Wow!!! She knew he was a werewolf! No way!
                              -happy side.
                              Totally rad.
                              -annoyed teenager side
Can I just say that, everyone takes the seats in the back so this is unrealistic but I love the storyline
I have long brown eyes and......umm does brown count as hazel?
I love Washington and its not that bad here. It's been pretty sunny lately😊