Dirty Rhythm «Brett Talbot»

Dirty Rhythm «Brett Talbot»

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Biles Bilinski By TrippyEscapade Updated Sep 27, 2015

Gracie Blu McCall, the older twin sister of Scott McCall by 15 minutes. She is highly aware of the supernatural world considering that she's a werewolf herself. So she has been fighting along side Scott and protecting their loved ones.

 But when transferred to Devenford Prep in order to get a "break" from the supernatural things going on in Beacon Hills, which absolutely makes no sense to Gracie, bad enough that she already hates the school, she seemed to catch the attention of the captain of  Devenford Prep Lacrosse team, Brett Talbot.

(I apologize if the description sucks but I believe that the story alone will be much better, I'm not the best at descriptions)

ivone_yoyis ivone_yoyis 3 days ago
That's so me oh my Lord preach to that eat however you want ladies don't let anyone tell you different
GtAwesomeness GtAwesomeness Apr 12, 2016
This sounds so much like me and my 'real' name is Gracie well grace acually
-VoidMendess -VoidMendess Jun 25, 2016
Tall people scare me. I feel like they're gonna crush me or something😯😂
R5ers_for_life R5ers_for_life Jun 15, 2016
Once when I was really hungry I literally yelled at my friends and like started to throw things around lol
- - Jan 23, 2016
As soon as I saw this the first thing I thought of was degrassi
- - Jan 23, 2016
I thought it was great!:) hope u keep writing ur awesome at it