My Best Friends Possessive Older Brother [BoyxBoy]

My Best Friends Possessive Older Brother [BoyxBoy]

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◖ M I L A ◗ By l0stmywAy Updated Jun 02, 2013

As his red lips touched mine, he pushed me back so my body was sandwiched between him and the orange brick wall. He licked my bottom lip, demanding entrance which I gladly gave to him. With my right hand, I grabbed his black hair and tugged his head closer to mine. My other hand rested on his cheek. A startled gasp made its way out of my mouth as he grabbed my member. "Your mine Colton" he growled, taking my jeans of. "No one else can touch you like this" he muttered, stroking me. "No one else can make you feel like this" just as he said that a moan escaped my mouth. "Tell me Colton, who do you fucking belong to?" He demanded, slowing down his strokes "You" I groaned out, grabbing him by the back of his head and joining our lips together once again.   

Colton Ryder and Julien Santiago are in a fucked up relationship, if you can even call it that.   

When their alone everything's perfect: they watch movies, cuddle, have sex but when their in public they act as if they don't know each other as Julien doesn't want the world to know he's gay. The fact that Julien's younger brother Alec is Colton's best friend doesn't help the matter.   

Julien is possessive, he doesn't like Colton hanging out with boys he doesn't know or girls for that matter yet when he's not with Colton he sleeps with anything that has a Vagina.  

Will Colton and Julien ever be able to have a relationship without the words 'Fucked up' in it?

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I’ve stopped asking that question when I was ten. Trust me, its a paradoxical question.
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As soon as these words were to leave my lips my mom would of been on me like white on rice yelling about how it's not her job in the first place
😭😭we have 4 and then lunch break after that 4 more lessons to go
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Me everyday to work, Im like ten minutes late everyday I have no clue how I haven’t been fired yet
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I have 2 lessons then break, 2 more lessons then dinner, another 2 lessons and then home
Mcrmy_for_life Mcrmy_for_life Jul 17, 2014
NO CUZ THAT DESCRIBES Julien! Don't cheat, cheating is the worst thing ever and if Colton knows Julien.... Interacts... With other girls then he needs to leave him and Julien can't be such a hypocritical possessive jerk! Hehe sorry :3