It Was A Mistake (FT. Fanfic)

It Was A Mistake (FT. Fanfic)

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Riza By TheOne_Fairy Updated Sep 03

Ooh~! Tonight's a steamy night for some fairies! Bring out the candles! The romantic music! But do not forget your popcorn! Because drama is about to go down.


"It was an accident! Can't you get an-"

"Never say that word! Mistake or not! This is a precious life we're talking about!"

"Look... I don't think I'm ready to be a father..."


Same replies, same answers. All rejected.  

On a regular party night for Fairy Tail, things start to get interesting when Cana orders 24 special deluxe booze barrels. What makes this booze unique? Apparently the special booze increases sexual tension more than usual. Waaaaaayyyyyyy more.

So one by one, non-couples leave the guild, carrying on with their steamy desires. Only to forget the next day. Keeping a secret for at least a 2 weeks, the girls finally have the courage to tell the boys. Only to be shot down.

So what do they do? They can't just go around the guild showing up as pregnant women, having no marriage bonds or even a boyfriend. It'll create rumors, start drama, and lower Fairy Tail's reputation. So finding each other in the same predicament, the girls decide to help each other and prepare themselves for the future.

So after 9 years, they return. 

Well...their children do.

So join Lucy, Erza, Levy, Juvia, MiraJane, and their two helpers, Lisanna and Wendy, as they embrace this long heart wrenching adventure. 


Disclaimers: I do not own Fairy Tail. I only own the kids and plot.

It's kinda weird how the girls get knocked up at the same time 😅😅
Fuzzy468 Fuzzy468 Jul 10
I give my props to Jellal he is the only one who actually stated a reason.
seiq827 seiq827 Aug 14
Right now the only one i like somewhat right now is Jellal. He didnt walk away like them other 'Things' ( dragonslayers and the people ) he stated a reason.
Fuzzy468 Fuzzy468 Jul 10
No man should be able to decide for a girl to get a abortion because it's killing their child inside them it should be their choice and only if it's a last resort
Makoto_Niijima Makoto_Niijima Aug 25, 2016
It's not as easy as it sounds, I mean image basically killing your child.