Kantai Collection: A New Force For Good

Kantai Collection: A New Force For Good

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Friend_Of_The_Souls By Friend_Of_The_Souls Updated Dec 26, 2017


The Abyssals emerged onto the scene with not a care in the world for the lives that were lost. 


Japan responds to an S.O.S. From an American fleet battling the Abyssals in the bay of San Francisco. 

It is now 2022. 

Japan has offered other countries the chance to come and start their own Ship Girl fleets. How will the girls react when they're put into close quarters with old enemies?

More importantly, will they be able to put aside their differences to battle a threat that could bring everything crashing down?

***DISCLAIMER*** I own nothing of Kantai Collection. It's story and Characters belong to their respective owner. As a secondary note, I don't own the cover artwork. Only thing I take credit for is the plot of this particular story.

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Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 12, 2016
Possibly reword this, maybe as "Abyssals always travel under radio silence" 
                              Just a suggestion
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 12, 2016
Y'know, I just realized, why isn't there a Zao-class Ship Girl?
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 12, 2016
Now, technically, the first thing he should have done is ask for verbal permission to come aboard, but you're doin pretty well!
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 12, 2016
Does that mean...no Iowa? No Missouri? No Iowa-Class ships? 
                              (Please let there be a Montana, I know it was just a prototype when the war ended, but twelve 16" guns is almost orgasm worthy...xD
Friend_Of_The_Souls Friend_Of_The_Souls Sep 28, 2015
Very true. But Langley's hull number was CV-1, marking her as the first Carrier as identified by the U.S. Navy at the time
Empress_Laptev Empress_Laptev Sep 27, 2015
Actually this is quite debatable since Langley was originally a collier and was converted to a carrier.