Supernatural Father-Daughter Imagines

Supernatural Father-Daughter Imagines

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Caitlin! :D By Randompotato12 Updated Dec 18, 2015

I'm gonna be doing Crowley, Sam, Dean, and Castiel! Comment imagine suggestions and I'll try to write them! 

Y/N= Your name
M/N= Middle name
H/C= Hair color
H/L= Hair length
N/N= Nick name
E/Y= Eye color 
Y/F/N= Your friend's name

This is my first Supernatural fan fiction, so I apologize in advance if I get any information incorrect! Please no hate!

paleweirdo paleweirdo Jan 13
Jonathan Christopher Wayland Morgenstern Herondale Lightwood!!! What do you think your doing in THIS universe???
_I-AM-KAWAII_ _I-AM-KAWAII_ Sep 11, 2016
R.I.P anyone named Kyle.  But it's ok bc I know two guys name pd Kyle and they're both jackas$es
-_SaltyBean_- -_SaltyBean_- Nov 23, 2016
Kyle.. South Park... Is the only thing I can think of rn wtf.
Lookmommyitsafan13 Lookmommyitsafan13 Jul 26, 2016
Kyle: Is that a demon blade or are you happy to see me?
                              Me: A)How do you know about those and B) Im a girl.....
666Satan_ 666Satan_ Sep 01, 2016
I had a crush on my brother's friend Kyle but now I don't bc he is a drug addict
Jude2427 Jude2427 Aug 04, 2016
There is a gym teacher at my school that everyone thinks is a pedophile and his name is Kyle so we Call him Kyle the phile