Her Secret Crush #Wattys2016

Her Secret Crush #Wattys2016

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This won't be like those cliches stories about the guy would save the girl and make her fall in love with him or she finally get the crush of her dream and live happily ever after.

Alayjah was that typical young woman with a career as a singer and with a rocky relationship on the line. Her boyfriend of six and a half years, Montraye had cheated on her a few times with other women. But when Alayjah had found that he done it again after she came home from her last tour, she decided to pack her stuff and moved back to Atlanta to catch up on family and take her career a break.

Then she came across with an old childhood friend who used to be her first crush. She wasn't expected to fix a broken friendship after the years she threw down the drain. He still have a hold grudge against her and won't speak to her. Would he still forgive and love her again as his best friend or will he continue to hate her forever?

Cover by: me

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httpchasity httpchasity Jul 04
Okay so lemme get this straight....first she says she's better than Beyoncé ( #ithinktfnotyoutrickassbitch ) and now she's saying this bullshìt 😂 girl what you smokin? Shìt got you TALKIN crazzzyyyy
httpchasity httpchasity Jul 04
Okay but you dumb for still being with him 😂 like dammmmnnnnn
I swear some of y'all act like these celebrities be cutting checks for y'all. Butt hurt over nothing
So let me get this straight not only is this nigga a bum and cheats on you he's also lazy to.... GIRL BOSS UP AND THROW THIS NIGGA AWAY
littlebittybitch littlebittybitch Oct 22, 2016
See bye can't talking about my wife get her ass knocked out 😭😂💪
InfinityxPurple InfinityxPurple Sep 08, 2015
I don't know why he's trying to call, when he knew exactly what he was doing. ☝️