My Little Secret (Camren)

My Little Secret (Camren)

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-»RaDz«- By MYOBRL Updated Oct 22

Lauren, the badass;cool,angry young woman Jauregui, is the only daughter of the most powerful Attorney in Miami and top listed businessman Mike and Clara Jauregui. Lauren is loved by everyone and girls want her badly but she only wants a certain brown eyed Latina.

Camila, the angel; sweet, banana loving Cabello, is the sole daughter of Dr Sinu Cabello and the brilliant scientist Alejandro Cabello. However, this sweet chick, becomes a dynamite when it comes to a certain green eyed girl.

If love was easy, than why is Lauren hiding the love of her "lyf"? If love was simple, than why is Camila afraid to show her "luv" to her friends?
That is the question that their friends are constantly asking.
Is love at its best when its hidden and kept secret?

Read to find out :)
*a/n: not good with summaries
*G!p Lauren

I was literally just listening to young an beautiful by Lana Del Rey!
Now the problem of texting like that and vocab is finally getting sorted at. 😌😆
Jaurzua Jaurzua Jun 29
I woildve broke up with her just for texting like that sorry.
Adianesr Adianesr Jun 21
Yea id like for them to have a romantic relationship if they didnt this wouldnt be a camren fanfic. Your story is great so far but you have to check your spelling. To be honest i really love your story
of course a romantic relationship...i wouldnt be here for 'just friends' camren.. duhh