Who Gave Me Sight?

Who Gave Me Sight?

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Grey By DefendTheUndefended Updated Nov 29, 2015

The Uchiha Massacre did more than kill all of the Uchiha's it also left the last one blind. When the villagers find out they attack the Kyuubii brat and take his eyes.

With Naruto left blind he loses hope, that is intill he met Kurama. Kurama was able to give him his eyes back but sadly not his sight. Kurama teaches every thing he knows to the blond and teaches him how to get around. No one knows be is blind and he would like to keep it that way.

Then Naruto discovers seals, lets just say...RUN if he pulls out one!

Sasuke wants to know who gave him his sight back, but no one will tell him whose eyes he has. He vows to stay beside whoever gave him back his sight once he finds them.

What happens when the seal happy ninja's secret is discovered? 

Disclaimer: (I only do this once) I don't own Naruto sadly! I only own the plot.

KiriQueen KiriQueen May 11
There's a pic of sasuke and Naruto , sasuke with  one blue eye and naruto have Bandages around one eye socket and it's just a hole with sasuke crying! I think it fit the story very much
Um first gross,second damn you villagers and doctors, third how did they gave him sight? The world is messed up.( ̄^ ̄゜)
shinatina shinatina Oct 28
N'aaaawwww! I have a feeling Naruto is gonna take on Sasuke's and vice versa.
AshtheAmazingMerlin AshtheAmazingMerlin Sep 28, 2015
I feel like I'm repeating everyone by asking you to update, so maybe I'll just say how interesting this story sounds so as to hopefully get you to want to update on your own...
Aacupcake14 Aacupcake14 Aug 12, 2015
Please write the next chapter I really would like to know more about this one