Double trouble

Double trouble

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Soha By darkeyes11 Updated Sep 19, 2016

Anna and Eva are twins but they didn't seem like twins. Eva is blonde with lots of energy to consume, playing soccer and having little cat fights, with her naughty attitude. While Anna on the other side is a brunette who is tough to impress and prefer being calm and silent, and takes her time, observing people before making friends.

Eva crashes into Max the first day at university and as usual, she couldn't help herself without having a verbal fight with the nerdy but yet handsome looking Max Williams.

Eric on the other hand is tired of a mysterious, brown haired beauty occupying his mind. He doesn't know what it will take for her to talk to him and is tired of waiting for her to notice him. He doesn't know who she is but her "Stay silent and sexy" attitude irritates the hell out of him. But he's not going to stay back and watch her.

On the other hand, Max and Eric are two prominent poles of the university which never happen to collide. Is it 'just a co-incidence' that they had not noticed each other or is it deliberate?

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Destinygirljay Destinygirljay Dec 11, 2015
who's Eric? it was good wonder what's going to happen next. I like how it seems like the book is about both if the twins it's like a romance story for both of them keep it up.
Destinygirljay Destinygirljay Dec 11, 2015
I Iike the beginning of the story, like when you said when they were born and then gave a time laps. I also like Eva she seems fiery ,and I like the fact that there are twins but different you find when people write stories on wattpad the twins are almost identical.