Is a forbidden love really worth it?Jackson Sawyer has witnessed cruelty and hatred towards slaves in his life during the 1800s. He has vowed to become a better person and accept all persons of color, and secretly befriend the new slave his father just bought, Clementine. A beautiful girl who caught his eye and his heart, will change and challenge Jackson's point of view from a young boy to a young adult. What will become of this friendship? What will the world think of their taboo relationship when it becomes more than master and slave? Find out in "Fade To Black"!
@macandcheezyness  i know y not dark skin have her work n the ,fill
@macandcheezyness thank u they still do it now but instead its the black society
Actually, it's not even the author's fault. In old times, people of lighter color worked inside because they believed they were of some white. At least whiter than those of darker color.
Light skin and dark skin for them at that time is different than us in our times
That's what I'm saying, no she browned skinned or something else to me. Not Lightskin
Why am I not surprised the good looking main character is lightskin because only lighter skin is more beautiful than dark skin right? SMH