The Alphas Have Come

The Alphas Have Come

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Hailey By Gathering_of_angels Updated Nov 26

Christian is a good boy. Does everything he is told well that actually the only reason he is alive. He is the omega of his pack and is beaten and abused. He has been convinced that he will never find his mate and if he does they will reject him. So what happens when not one but two alphas visit his pack. 

Throw a submissive, scared boy in between two possessive, dominant, alpha wolves. Sure,what could go wrong!?

Possible MPreg

I LOVE YOU AUTHOR-CHAN WHEN I SHOUTED OUT CHRISTIAN MY SISTER GLARED AT ME.(I ship her with this boy named Christian from her school)
Your worried about hurting this b!tch
                              Aww your so sweet 
                              Don't worry
                              * takes a bat*
                              I'll do it for you
I can't comprehend these words of stupidity......sorry (not)
Because of the whole blood on walls I'm imaging a torture chamber or a freaking mental home for killers as your room
Cünt... Haha, sorry my friend calls me a big dumb cübt sometimes XD
-_- that sorry excuse for an alpha needs to take his ass somewhere or I'll kick it there