Creepypasta Origin Stories

Creepypasta Origin Stories

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🔪Lily the Killer🔪 By MaduxSchreyar Updated Oct 19, 2017

These are all the creepypasta stories that I can find. 

If you know of any that you want me to find or you want me to read and stuff let me know! I'd love to know of new ones!

So I hope you like!


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WoodenSky WoodenSky May 19, 2017
Me me me I want free pasta
                              *gets killed*
                              *from hell* I NEVER GOT MY PASTA YOU LIED
HebertG0nzalez2 HebertG0nzalez2 May 15, 2017
This probably isn't a creepy pasta origin story but can you do Bloody Mary can't believe I didn't think of this before...
Ambersky_Shadowwing Ambersky_Shadowwing Jul 11, 2017
Butterflies (Fluttershy MLP Grimdark)
                              It's pretty interesting... if you're not afraid of bugs that is
deadpoolkills2 deadpoolkills2 Sep 27, 2017
Bendy and the ink machine
                              And if you do oc's that is awesome
lyramcdfan lyramcdfan Mar 13, 2017
Could u do hoodie and masky plz if u don't have​ it already
RoxyTheProxy RoxyTheProxy May 19, 2017
@MaduxSchreyar i have a question is this really the origin stories?