The Senior Project

The Senior Project

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It all began with that teacher strike. Which resulted in a stupid senior project. You know the cliché get-to-know-your-partner project that every senior student gets in books? I thought it was supposed to remain in those books. I never imagined that teachers would actually assign it!

But my teachers did.

With my brilliant luck, I got assigned to a partner whom I soon found myself trusting more and more. And I happened to have secrets that were better kept hidden.

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xxSassyxxo xxSassyxxo Jun 19, 2016
I actually hate how true this is.... But eh everyone loves Canada lmao.
jensonisbae jensonisbae Apr 03, 2016
You obviously haven't been to Nevada..... Just a few days go it was 4in in snow and today it's very sunny
- - Apr 23, 2016
okay so i noticed how celia gets comfortable and then she'll be all awkward i gotta say we're the same girl
mj2427 mj2427 Feb 25, 2016
HOLY CRAY 43 COMMENTS WOOOHOOO FOR YOU !!! You deserve it bc this chapter is amazing!!!
italkwaytoomuch italkwaytoomuch Apr 10, 2016
new york yesterday was 53°F rain clouds everything and today 76°F sunny and humid the whole shabang
That_Girl_1199 That_Girl_1199 Dec 05, 2016
Welcome to Louisianna where it can be 50 degrees in the morning but 80 by 2 o'clock. 💁🏽