Your Love is my Drug {Book Eight} (BoyxBoy)

Your Love is my Drug {Book Eight} (BoyxBoy)

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мαχ αи∂ αℓуѕѕα ☼ By AlyssaEatsAMuffin Updated Nov 09, 2015

December Colby has never been the same since he started doing drugs. His family is torn up, and everyone is putting the blame on December. To him, life is hopeless.

Aaron Reed shows little to no emotion. He's more robot than human. The only true emotion he will ever show is if someone hurts his baby brother.

When he finds out about December's drug problem, Aaron makes it his goal to help this boy. But will his love be enough to help December?

Courtney528 Courtney528 Mar 13, 2016
You could not describe my life any more perfect than that sentence to be honest "exhausted from doing absolutely nothing" my life basically
KaylieLuvsMusic KaylieLuvsMusic Dec 21, 2016
Oh darn.
                              They're already kicking Hayden and Knoxx out of being my favorite couple
sorrowfoundme sorrowfoundme Jun 30, 2016
That's so cute, if someone told me something like that,  definitely,  i'd quit smoking
EmmiiLover EmmiiLover Jul 09, 2016
I'm so confused right now! I've been reading these books non stop now but I keep forgetting everyone's story and stuff! Was Aaron mentioned already? Cuz I don't remember... I'm a horrible person!
animagus1234 animagus1234 Aug 25, 2016
Why must December be me? Why couldn't I be born in January to say the least?
Little_Mx_Giggles Little_Mx_Giggles Sep 06, 2016
Which in Aaron-language translates as: I like you, I'm glad our brothers got together because it meant that we met