The Vamps SMUT

The Vamps SMUT

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_50shades_ By _50shades_ Updated Jan 28, 2016

A load of Vamps smut, this appears to be lacking online so i thought what the hell, why not? May include gay ships if that's what you want! 

Accepts requests!

SMUT AF you've been warned don't read and complain if you don't like smut... I don't make you read it! Also please don't report it... again you've been warned and i don't make you read it!

I can only see bradley just screaming for a split second 😂😂😂😂😂
Is it weird that I can picture the monkey with symbols at this point lmao 😂
When Brad has a voice break in the middle of a sentence at one of the shows is literally all I can picture 😂😂😆
Brad is obviously the dominant one in this relationship 😂😂😂
JamesMcBae1994 JamesMcBae1994 Dec 01, 2016
Wtf?! I cant stop laughing at that. He's still experiencing puberty. Lololol. Thats hilarious omg.
kinky-cal kinky-cal Mar 21, 2016
Oh god I just thought.. Of certain people at "OH MY GOD, PUBERTY" I hate myself xD