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Ursa Minor (On hiatus)

Ursa Minor (On hiatus)

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lounolan By lounolan Updated Sep 27, 2015

After some rough years Matthew O'Neill is trying to piece together a new life with all good things. A pretty, if maybe super religious girlfriend, a group of close, if somewhat crazy friends, a loving, if a bit unusual family. But his mind is still a mess sometimes. Especially when it comes to Allen Thomas. The new dorky student with the wild red hair and bluest eyes ever who just can't seem to leave him alone. Or is it maybe the other way around?

There was a split second when we smiled at each other in understanding, a tiny fragment of the reality, that we didn't have anything in common. I quickly looked over to the lockers again, but new kid didn't seem to get it, still smiling in the corner of my eye. "I didn't quite catch you name?"
"Matt. Actually it's Matthew," I said for some reason, like I seriously cared.
"Right, I'm terrible with names. Especially today, I feel like I've met a thousand people already. Matthew, I'll remember that."
Well he wouldn't have to. I kinda liked the dry, soft way he said my name though, and the fact that he actually said it, not just the short version, that too many times sounded like a sheep baahing. I actually kinda hated it when people called me Matt.

- - Oct 04, 2016
Uuuugh I still have reading that I haven't done for World History and we have tests every week so I know I'm not going to get away with it
tuby123 tuby123 Mar 08, 2015
She is pleased with herself because she talked to u for the first time in forever lol
tuby123 tuby123 Mar 08, 2015
A lot of us do trust me especially when u have a test on that day like I do tomorrow lol
v0c0m0rt3 v0c0m0rt3 Jul 02, 2014
There's people with that style in Choir. My friends Bella, Concha, Zayn, Abigail, Angela, and myself to name a few. Just because we sing show tunes doesn't mean we can't rock leather and studs. ;33
lounolan lounolan Jul 25, 2013
@jazzstardust Thanks, I'm quite happy with the prologue actually! And I would say that most boys tend to be straight, so I'm sure that's not the case!
jazzstardust jazzstardust Jul 24, 2013
You know, I'm a lot like that Lisa girl. Are you trying to say that all the boys I like have a strong tendency to be gay? Now, that just sucks. -.-
                              I swear I'm kidding. I congratulate you for strongly showing your MC's character so early. Most people struggle with that.