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Yato x Reader

Yato x Reader

11.2K Reads 387 Votes 9 Part Story
ali~ By gymagirl12 Completed

This is a story about you and your trials. Then a god named Yato comes in your life. He's not a really famous God though. He helps you in your trials. Your name is Hinata Akita. You are 15 and you live alone. You have blonde hair and green eyes. You are 5'7(pretty average height). Also credit to kawaiipotatos103 because this is her oc.

pickledTurnips4Life pickledTurnips4Life Nov 19, 2016
Waahaha ;-; i only came here for yato fanfic, but instead i got tokyo ghoul ;-;
Caloise Caloise Feb 02
Coins?  Yato,  quit being cocky just because you have a shrine now.
YandereBitches12 YandereBitches12 Aug 27, 2016
I started  following u kawaiipotatos103 and the one who wrote this (srry  I have horrible memory)
Eclipse_star_ Eclipse_star_ May 22, 2016
It's okay if I lost one eye. I already need glasses anyway, all I gotta do is get a fake one. #2insanelypositive
Misaki? Yo homegurl whacha doin here? Aren't you supposed to be fighting with usui and yelling at him cause he's such a perv? Lol sorry I'm also maid-sama trash cx
Gives him 5 yen
                              Yato: how may i help you?
                              Me: marry me
                              Yato: wHAT.
                              Me: pls marry me and bear my babies-//slapped//