Not a Flower - A Novel

Not a Flower - A Novel

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M.C. Vang By MaiChaos Updated Jan 31, 2019

"Not a Flower" made it to the Top 50 Finalist in Harlequin's Writing Contest #SYTYCW15! I'm so excited and honored. So please read, vote, and share with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, any way you want. Appreciate it!

What is love? A chance meeting at the hospital is the start of an unexpected friendship between a charismatic young lawyer and quiet med student Grace Madison. For her, it was a tangled and complicated introduction to love. Grace's heart was broken when Duval, oblivious to her feelings, fell for her beloved older sister Elizabeth instead. When tragedy unexpectedly falls and Elizabeth is taken from them, Grace is shattered by the loss. It's not until she receives a wedding invitation from Duval many years later, that she realizes her life has been frozen in limbo. Determined to finally find closure and truly move on, she decides to attend the wedding.

Grace's plan is disrupted when she meets Adrian Roussiard; a fascinating and brilliant man with an enigmatic agenda of his own, he is the black sheep younger brother of Duval. Mercurial and complex, alternately blunt and charming, he seems to delight in nothing more than to annoy her. But haunted by dark shadows from his past, his secrets could overturn everything Grace has ever thought she knew. Drawn to each other, Adrian becomes Grace's unlikely ally as the simple quest to find closure instead becomes the catalyst to finding herself.

"Not a Flower" is a woman's journey to self-discovery with a powerful love triangle along for the ride; weaving the lives of three people who despite their outward successes are broken in some essential way.  It's about understanding the lies people tell themselves in order to move on, and what comes of living those lies.